Team Black:

Eevee/whatsit88 Lillipup/Hyperflame Meowth/uglyduck713 Cherubi/GardivoirIsAwesome Machop/vectorcroc198 Beldum/whatsit88 Oshawott/warriorcatslover1 Zorua/ZekromRook

Team White: Fraxure/Cookinator Roggenrola/ravenguy Joltik/giratina200104 Shinx/surgethehedgehog Raichu/shadowfan54 Yamask/beaverboy Ditto/fireballz Tepig/(i forgot his name) Riolu/fireballz


1. Koffing (dunno why)

2. Ditto (cheated and made his team lose)

3. Cherubi (dunno why)

4. Beldum (failed to face his fear, which was talking)

5. Yamask (failed to repeat what Charizard said)

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