Connors Total Pokémon IslandEdit

In Total Pokemon Island 30 teens come to a island with 2 addons to have a chance at winning $1,000,000.

32nd Eevee

31st Skorupi

30th Munchlax

29th Combee

28th Turtwig

27th Spinarak

26th Squirtle

25th Natu

24th Zorua

23rd Hoppip

22nd Chikorita

21st Wooper

20th Staravia

19th Bastiodon

18th Dewott

17th Magnemite

16th Pikachu

15th Klink

14th Purrlion

13th Simisage

12th Swanna

11th Trubbish

10th Abra

9th Swalot

8th Lumineon

7th Lucario

6th Honchkrow

5th Ursaring

4th Mismagius

3rd Quilava

Runner-Up Swablu

Winner Piloswine

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