Clefable Metronome

Clefable as Katie.

Clefable is a Normal/Fairy pokemon introduced from Generation I. It evolves from Clefairy via Moon Stone.


Growing up Clefable didn't have many friends, they either thought she was too clingy, too chatty or just plain annoying. Then in kindergarden she met Igglybuff and she met her best friend and as the years went by the girls grew closer then ever. Clefable is Katie in the cast. Her best friend is Wigglytuff and her love interst is Staraptor.

In TPI she was seen in the beginning parts with Igglybuff in episode 4 she and Igglybuff were blasted thru the roof where they convinced the team to vote out Wailmer In episode 5 she evolved into Clefairy and wasntt featured again till she evolved again in episode 11. In episode 12 Wigglytuff was voted out which left Clefable sad. Afterwards Clefable began arelationshipp with Staraptor in episode 17 when she was drowning Chimeco saved her and Purugly framed it as kissing which deeply saddened Chansey and Staraptor however after Chimeco was eliminated it was proven false. However the next episode Clefable developed a cold and asked her team to vote her out her team and her team honored her wishes but this stunned Staraptor Clefable finished 21st.

Rankings:TPI:20th TPA:16th TPWT:79th TPL:25th

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