Charmeleon is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Charmander at level 16 and into Charizard at level 36.


Charmeleon is the tough guy with swag of this TPA. He had a relationship with Combusken, and as of Episode 36, Charmeleon is still in the game.


Charmeleon is the Justin of the group, but has less of an ego than Justin. Charmeleon had an alliance with his girlfriend Froslass and her friend Kirlia because those 3 didn't want to be with Yanmega nor Rapidash, as they are both bitches. In fact, Rapidash kissed Charmeleon and told her team that Charmeleon made the move. Because of that, Charmeleon got voted off in Episode 15, 2 episodes before the merge. In the TPI special, Charmeleon teamed up with Froslass, Scizor, Abra, and Marill and qualified for TPA.

In Episode 1 of TPA, Charmeleon didn't seem to care if Riolu was hogging the attention, thanks to him being with Froslass. Charmeleon finished 2nd in the Shake It Up challenge out of the returning guys, barely losing to Scizor, and was put on Team National Park. In Episode 2, Charmeleon was happy for Froslass when she won the pingpong tourney in the Suite Life challenge to grant their team immunity. In Episode 3, for the messing with Mamoswine part of the iCarly challenge, Charmeleon suggested Froslass dressing up as Megan Fox to mess with him, but it didn't go so well. But despite that, Charmeleon got no votes at the Gold Medal Ceremony.

Based On Justin (Total Drama Island and Action)
Friends Kirlia, Ursaring, Dragonite, Chimecho, Scizor, Abra, Marill, Riolu
Enemies Yanmega, Rapidash, Magby
Love Interest Froslass

TPI: 14th