CharmanderIsAwesome's TPI Camp is a text-only TPI Camp created by the Youtube user CharmanderIsAwesome. It began on the 22nd of May 2012 with 21 Contestants. After the first challenge, the contestants were put on 3 teams based on Ocean Liner names: Team Olympic, Team Titanic and Team Britannic. After the Flareon(ShinyGenesectAron2) left, Venonat(Phantomon555) joined and the teams were disbanded until all the slackers were gone. Right now, there are 14 players left in the competition. After the slackers were voted off, the remaining contestants were split into 2 teams, Team Hitmonchan and Team Hitmonlee.

Remaining contestants:

RedFrenzy64 (Spheal)

TheCommenterSam (Wynaut)

Connor637Movies (Larvitar)

Eevee (ShinyShaymin2)



Sandshrew (redking632)

Riolu (BlueLucario98)

Umbreon (Johnnnyhero3)

Shiny Pichu(wraighteric)


Elimination Order

Elim 1
(UltimateWingedMelody) quit
Elim 2
Elim 3
Elim 4
Venonat(Phantomon55) Joins
22ndCotton the Shiny Mareep(DestructiveDugtrio) AC
Elim 5

Elim 6

17th Gallade(GalladexSpiritomb123)

16th Phione(joshytje5)

15th Mareep(TotalPokemonIsland47)

Challenge 1:

The contestants had to write 5-15 lines why they should be in the competition. The winners were: Ralts(GalladexSpiritomb123), Mareep(PKMasterAmpharos/TotalPokemonIsland47) and Phione(joshtje5) and they became the team leaders. In this challenge, Togepi(UltimateWingedMelody) quit.

Challenge 2:

The contestants had to write 5-15 lines about the RMS Olympic(If they were on Team Olympic) RMS Titanic(if they were on Team Titanic) or HMHS Britannic(If they were on Team Britannic). The winners were team Olympic and they chose Ralts(GalladexSpiritomb123) to evolve. Team Britannic lost and due to 1-1-1 tie between votes so we went to a last minute vote and it was for Glaceon( nejihyuga157975) so he went.

Challenge 3

The third challenge was a baton race. The team leaders were the first people to hold the baton and had to pass it on to the next person and so on. The winner was Team Titanic and they picked Magby(vaporterra) to evolve. Team Britannic lost again and they sent home Flareon(ShinyGenesectAron2)

Challenge 4

Venonat(Phantomon555) joined the competition and the teams were split up for a bit. The challenge was a race. All they had to do was message the camp host: *makes it to finish line*. Everyone but Jirachi(PKMNDramaStudios), Gible(SplasyIsEpic), Eevee(shinyshaymin2) and Riolu(BlueLucario98) were immune. Magnemite(shadowshdae8) evolved for being the first one to do the challenge. Jirachi(PKMNDramaStudios) and Gible(SplashyIs Epic) were eliminated.

Challenge 5

Based off the story of the Lusitania, the contestants had to pick between lifeboats 1-18(I know, there were 48 on the ship but that would make the challenge too hard). If they picked the right number, they would be immune. Since Riolu(BlueLucario98) was the only one to be in the immune group, he got to evolve. There was a twist at the results were both Deino(darknigh11) and Absol(IXSooperSuicuneXI) went home for not doing the challenge.

Challenge 6

The contestants were split into 2 new teams: Team Hitmonlee and Team Hitmonchan. Their challenge was rock-paper-scizzors except it was ground-electric-water. In the end the teams tied in points so they both went to elimination. Gallade(GalladexSpiritomb123), Phione(joshytje5) and Mareep(TotalPokemonIsland47) were voted off.

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