Hosts: Charizard + Gardevoir

Chef: Garchomp


Oddish *The Dimwit*

Tentacool *The Emo*

Gastly *The Cynic*

Dratini *The Valley Girl*

Cyndaquil *The Geek*

Togepi *The Tomboy*

Natu *The Quiet Girl*

Yanma *The Awkward Guy*

Treecko *The Jock*

Mudkip *The Odd Girl*

Aron *The Schemer*

Swablu *The Calm Girl*

Beldum *The Super-Computer*

Shinx *The Nice Guy*

Budew *The Psycho*

Chingling *The Competitive Girl*

Munchlax *The Eat-a-Lot*

Purrloin *The Type A*

Timburr *The Cool Guy*

Zorua *The Prankster*

Vanillite *The Optimist*

Litwick *The Queen Bee*

Episode 1: The Jump for ImmunityEdit

The episode begins with Charizard explaining the concept of the game. 22 Pokemon will come to the island, competing for $100000. Every week, they will compete in challenges. The winners will get immunity while the losers will have to go to the bonfire ceremony and vote one of their team members off. The camper with the most votes must walk down the dock of shame, ride the Lapras of losers, and must never return to the island. They will keep on doing that until there are 2 campers left and they will compete in the final challenge. The winner of the final challenge will win Total Pokemon Island and will receive the cheque of $100000.

After the introduction the campers began to arrive. After Oddish, Tentacool, Gastly, Dratini, Cyndaquil, Togepi, Natu, Yanma, Treecko, Mudkip, Aron, Swablu, Beldum, Shinx, Budew, Chingling, Munchlax, Purrloin, Timburr, Zorua, Vanillite and Litwick arrived at the island, Charizard split them into two teams. The first team, Team Sableye, consists of Treecko(C), Timburr, Aron, Gastly, Munchlax, Yanma, Togepi, Chingling, Purrloin, Mudkip and Oddish, while the other team, Team Mawile, consists of Vanillite(C), Dratini, Litwick, Budew, Natu, Swablu, Zorua, Shinx, Tentacool, Beldum and Cyndaquil.

Some campers decide to use the confession cam. Togepi is quick to complain about the island, saying that the place sucks. Oddish is confused on how to use it. Beldum says he has a 4.54% chance on winning the competition while Vanillite is delighted to be team captain and she says that she'll try her best.

At the campsite Charizard tells the contestants that their first challenge is the Cliff Diving Challenge. Everyone is annoyed because the Cliff Diving Challenge is a cliche. The campers go to the cliff. Charizard explains that they will have to jump off the cliff and into the lake. The team to have the most campers to jump off the cliff will win the challenge while the losing team will have to vote someone off. He also tells them that there is a ring in the water and if they land outside of the ring, then they will possibly be mauled by some Sharpedo. In the confession cam Natu says that she doesn't like the cliff diving challenge because she afraid of heights. She doesn't want to risk her life but if she decides to chicken out then she might get voted off.

Team Sableye are the first team to jump. Oddish jumps, oblivious to the fact that she could die. She is able to make it into the ring. Timburr, Mudkip and Treecko follow. Treecko makes it while Timburr doesn't. Mudkip is about to miss the ring, but suddenly she was able to teleport into the ring. Togepi and Chingling are next to jump. At the bottom of the cliff Timburr decides to face the Sharpedo. As the Sharpedo quickly approaches Timburr decides to use Rock Throw. It hits and Sharpedo sinks into the water. Oddish, Mudkip and Treecko asks how he was able to use Rock Throw in the water and Timburr says it's Pokemon logic and you can do anything. Togepi, Chingling and Munchlax make it into the ring. Finally Yanma and Gastly decide to jump. Purrloin decides not to because she has a medical condition that prevents her from jumping off cliffs while Aron says that he has a weakness to Water so he doesn't want to risk it. As a result of not jumping off the cliff they have to wear a Torchic hat.

It's Team Mawiles turn to jump. Tentacool jumps first, followed by Dratini and Budew. Dratini and Tentacool land in the ring while Budew misses. As the Sharpedo approaches her, she throws a bomb at it and the Sharpedo faints. Shinx decides not to jump because he's to scared but Zorua decides to push him. Swablu jumps aswell. Shinx and Zorua make it into the ring. Shinx gets angry at him for pushing him in and attacks Zorua. Swablu decides not to fly into the ring because she doesn't want her wings to fill with water since cotton soaks up water. Finally, Litwick and Beldum jump. Cyndaquil chickens out because he's too scared so it's up to Natu. Natu decides not jump and walks off. Natu stops and realizes that she's letting the team down so she goes back and jumps off the cliff. With that, Team Mawile win the confession cam.

In the confession cam Treecko is annoyed that his team lost the first challenge. Team Sableye go to the bonfire ceremony where Gardevoir, the Co-Host, does it. Gsrdevoir hands out the Sableye dolls to the people who are safe. Togepi, Chingling, Timburr, Treecko, Mudkip, Munchlax, Yanma and Oddish are safe. The bottom three are Gastly, Aron and Purrloin. Aron and Purrloin are in the bottom three because they didn't jump off the cliff while Gastly is there because everyone may think he's the stereotypical evil genius who's trying to hide it. But the second last Sableye doll goes to Gastly. In the confession cam Gastly is shocked that people thought he was evil but he was glad that not many people voted for him. The bottom 2 are Aron and Purrloin. The final Sableye doll goes to....................................................................................................................................................................

..................................................................... Aron! Purrloin is shocked to leave because she is a CIT and she would've been great help to the team.

Episode 2: Dodge the InsanityEdit

At the begining of the episode there is a shadow in the dark forest. Oddish and Gastly walk in and ask the shadow why did he want them there. The shadow is revealed to be Aron and shouts at them for blowing his cover. After he calms down he tells Gastly and Oddish that he wants to form an alliance with him. Oddish joins straight away but Gastly isn't sure because he thinks it's too early to form an alliance with someone. Aron persuades him by saying that he can trust him. Gastly finally joins. In the confession cam Oddish is happy that Aron picked her to be in an alliance with him. Then she wonders what would happen if they made it to the final 3. Aron says that he couldn't believe that they actually believed him that they're going to the final 3 with him. The alliance is part of his game plan. He picked Oddish to be in his alliance because she's so dumb that she'd believe anything while Gastly could be useful for hypnotising Pokemon into voting with him.

At the mess hall the campers are eating their breakfast. Chingling asks what is it supposed to be. Garchomp, the chef, says that it's todays special, oatmeal. Chingling says that oatmeal has been the special for the last 3 days. Dratini agrees with her and says that she wants bacon and eggs. Garchomp throws a knife at each of them but they both miss. Garchomp says that if they ever insult his food again than they will become the next special. Charizard walks in and asks if they're all enjoying breakfast. All but Munchlax groan. Charizard says that they're going to need it because their next is a classic game of Dodgeball. Swablu asks if he's ever going to do an original challenge and Charizard says that he will when he feels like it. In the confession cam Swablu is getting annoyed that so far, none of the challenges are original.

The campers go to the gym where Charizard explains the rules of dodgeball. There will be three matches. If you get hit by a Poke Ball, they are out. If someone catches a Poke Ball, the thrower is out and the catcher gets to send someone who got knocked out back onto the field. The team that wins two of the three matches will win the challenge while to losing team will have to vote on of their team members off.

Team Sableye pick who they're sending to play in the first round. In the end they pick Timburr, Aron, Togepi, Chingling and Mudkip. Team Mawile pick Swablu, Tentacool, Litwick, Natu and Beldum.

The first round begins. Mudkip throws he Poke Ball. She hits both Togepi and Tentacool. Her team gets angry for getting Togepi out. Beldum throws his Poke Ball and gets out Mudkip throws his Poke Ball but Beldum was able to catch it. Aron was sent out and Tentacool came back onto Team Mawile. Timburr throws his Pokeball and hits both Litwick and Beldum. Chingling and Tentacool throw their Poke Balls simultaneously and get eachother out. It is down to Timburr and Swablu. Swablu throws her Poke Ball but misses. Timburr throws his Poke Ball and gets Swablu out, which means Team Sableye win the first match.

The second round is Oddish, Munchlax, Gastly, Yanma and Treecko vs. Vanillite, Dratini, Budew, Shinx and Zorua. Budew is the first to throw her Poke Ball and gets out both Oddish and Munchlax. Gastly getd out Vanillite but the Poke Ball comes back to him and gets him out. Treecko gets out Zorua while Yanma gets out Shinx. Dratini is the only one with a Poke Ball and she throws it but misses. Budew shouts at her for her lousy throw but Dratini tells her that there's nothing to worry about. The Poke Ball gets bigger and engulfes Yanma and Treecko meaning team Mawile win the second round.

Charizard announces that there will be a tiebreaker challenge to determine who wins the challenge. He says that each team will have to pick one camper from their team and they will face off one-on-one. Team Sableye pick Timburr while Team Mawile pick Cyndaquil. In the confession cam Cyndaquil says that he may be a geek, but he knows a few things about Dodgeball.

Timburr and Cyndaquil face off. Timburr throws a Poke Ball at Cyndaquil but he quickly misses it. Timburr then throws 5 Poke Balls at the same time and Cyndaquil dodges all of them. Cyndaquil grabs a Poke Ball, sets it on fire and throws it at Timburr. It starts going around in circles so Timburr doesn't worry but then the Poke Ball hits him, meaning Cyndaquil wins the challenge for Team Mawile. In the confession cam Zorua says that Cyndaquil did good in the challenge, and that he could be a useful ally.

At the bonfire ceremony Gardevoir hands out the Sableye dolls. The campers that are safe are Treecko, Yanma, Chingling, Oddish, Aron, Gastly and Munchlax. The bottom 3 are Timburr, Mudkip and Togepi. Timburr for losing the challenge, Mudkip for being odd and getting Togepi out and Togepi because of what Mudkip did. The second last Sableye doll goes to Togepi. The bottom 2 are Timburr and Mudkip. The final Sableye doll goes to ...........................................................................................................................................


Timburr! Mudkip is fine to leave, but as long as Mudkips are cool, she's fine.

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