Charizard is a Fire/Flying-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Charmeleon at level 36.


Charizard is Togetic's adopted son and officially joined the series as a contestant in TPA, where he remained in the game prior to the cancellation of the show.


The host of TP series and He automatically vote off Croconaw and Bellsprout with everyone else's votes. They were annoying and meanfully worthless for the game.

Multiclasser(Joe olson)Edit

Name:James S. Charizard/Sergeant Charizard(During his time in U.S. army only),Charizard




Favorite war:WWII

Most hated man:Adolf Hitler

During the time the u.s. served in WWII charizard was a marine in said army and probabbly the one who killed the most nazi's after world war II charizard "accidently" blew up the capital of germany just to get rid of every nazi after WWII he was kicked out of the u.s. military in all branches afterwords he tried getting various other jobs but failed,notable attempts are gamestop employee(fired due to blowing up the store after selling a game where you play as a nazi) mueseum gaurd(became self aware it was a nazi museum) and school teacher(...) than hope came as mewtwo came and hired him and he has been working with him since.