Budew is a Poison/Grass Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves into Roselia at max happiness in the morning.


Budew was a player in TPI that evolved into Roselia.


Budew was the Izzy of the group, so naturally she's crazy and friendly with Psyduck. Budew aligned with Skorupi, Goldeen, and Yanmega early on in the game and evolved into Roselia in Episode 5.

The Reality PokeMole Budew was used in S1 of this show. It was played by Velmashivestone1. At the beginning, it wasn't revealed that she was playing. At the end of Ep 1, other contestants got info that Velma was playing behind scenes. She officially joined the game. She was one of the strongest players, until her execution. She got 9th place.

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