TPS (total pokemon survivor) Key:

  • Immunity

$Did Challenge ^Failed to do Challenge R In Redemption X Out for good. Host: Excadrill (me) Co-host: players. 1. Redking632 (Sandshrew) 2. Shadestar8 (Deerling Spring Form) 3. MrSnivy11 (Teddiursa) 4. vaporterra (Tangela) 5. NBoy2000 (Shiny Cubone) 6. jamespehrson (Lickilicki) 7.MrLegowaffle911 (Machop) 8.JETaylor98 (Sawsbuck Winter Form) 9.masonman1013 (Oddish) 10. MrPopyea (Infernape) 11.RoamingCharge (Unfezant female) 12.Buizelrulez01 (Absol) 13. EVOfingerboards (Jigglypuff)

Elims. 18.ShinyGenecectAron2(Shiny Cranidos)R 17. bastiodondude (Shiny Snivy) X 16. (Closed Acccount) AwesomeStarmie10 (Dugdrio) 15. blesnarwon1 (Treecko) X 14. xXGemWebkinzXx (Mantyke) R 13. 12. 11. 10. Winner of redemption joins and Jury Starts. 11. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. Winner of redemption joins 6. 5. 4. Jury Ends 3. Runner up: Winner:

Currently In Redemption: ShinyGenecectAron2 (Shiny Cranidos) xXGemWebkinzXx (Mantyke)

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