Blue Motion

Blue Motion Original Sprite

The Beginning

In the early beginning Dylan had a normal account that had 1 video and was not very popular.It was 3 whole years of youtube before he started to do the wonders of TPI Camps and others.The way he found out all started in 2008 when Goedders made his TPM.(Total Pokemon Musical)That was his first camp.In this camp he was a furret wearing a blue T-shirt.For this being his first camp he did good for a start.(48th out of 90)He didnt really get into it until 2009 when Insanexmas started his camp with video game characters he made it up to the point when the show was cancelled.Dylan play Larry Da Vinci for the showing of his love of Little Big Planet and how he couldn't wait for the 2nd one to be realeased.After that he wanted to be in more so he decided to sign up for camps.

That Blue FurretEdit

Dylan didn't always have Blue Motion as his logo in camps,at first it was a furret wearing a blue shirt that he drew on paper.He uploaded it to his computer and decided to use as his contestant on TPM.It was not until December 30,2009 he gave birth to a great idea, Blue Furret.His favorite color was blue and his favorite pokemon was furret so it was destiny.He finished the sprite on January 1,2010.The characteristics from Furret came from Dylan himself.For that periode of time Dylan had been a sico path himeself. He had used his allowence for firecrackers and different kinds of explosives.He hadn't thought of Furret's killer personality until two weeks after he nearly choked his brother to death.Blue furret's name Blue Motion came from the fact Dylan was fast just as his pet Ferret, Furret. And so Blue Motion was created.Blue Motion's debute was in Yoshiboy19's camp Total Pokemon Stories.

Total Pokemon StoriesEdit

'In Total Pokemon Stories Dylan had made many sacrafices including telling his contestants to elimnate him instead of Snover.He thought Snover deserved it more. Dylan had an alliance with Snover and Pichu until his elimination.After Dy'lan was eliminated he gave a speech as he flew away in his helicopter for he had lost the game.Dylan got 14th place.After that he was trolled by Mr.PokeGuy9(Blissey) and Misdreavous525 (Reuniclius).Dylan's alliance lasted until the final eight when Snover left.

Present Edit

Now Dylan mostly doesn't do camps but guest stars on TPI Shows.Also he works on his popular series on his other account JackNJellify, Battle For Dream Island.He will return to camps in 2012, but as for 2011 he is DONE.

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