• TheOneandOnlyMisdreavous525

    Hey guys this is Mis obviously, I have constantly being working on my wiki for the last 6 years.  I'd love for you guys to check it out and tell me what you think.  If you'd like to help contribute I'd appreciate it.  Just message me on the wiki, they'll obvi be a trial.  I want everything just so, so all the articles flow and are mirrors images in the way are set up.  Help would be appreciated.  I have been thinking to either start a camp or maybe do TOTAL POKEMON ALLSTARS, by opening a new channel.  I'm not 100% so don't get all excited like it'll happen.  If it happens, I would want to animate all the episodes before I decide.  Then we'll see, feel free to message me on my wiki.  And the link: http://misdreavous525sofficialtppage.wikia.…

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  • ElectricPichu

    Hi I am a big fan of pokemon

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  • SneaselStar

    Spinda: Hello Everyone I'm Spinda and I have my own TPI on SneaselStar! :D

    Here's the Link:


    1. Skitty

    2. Slakoth

    3. Corphish






    9. Tangela-Eliminated

    10. Charmander

    11. Spearow

    12. Hippopatas-Eliminated

    13. Lickitung



    16. Chinchou






    22. Pineco

    23. Tynamo

    24. Tympole

    25. Croagunk

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  • Ivanornels

    Protect your pages

    November 25, 2012 by Ivanornels

    As we all saw in BraviaryMandibuzz221's TPI page, people are stupid and will mess with your stuff. We've had similar problems before but those stopped when those pages where locked to only allowed registered users to edit pages. I'll try to lock as many pages as possible as soon as possible but in case I don't get to yours right away, try to lock it yourself. If you need help ask me or someone else who seems to know what they're doing and at the very least save copies of your pages onto google docs or something.

    Currently I have blocked the users+IPs that were vandalizing the site for a year. I am currently rollingback as many edits they did as possible. mjpj189 Total Pokemon Island 06:50, November 25, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Kiamoko4334

    Here is the first episode of the series! It was written by me and voiced by my brother and I. It is my first episode and first time animating and voicing a PowerPoint video, so please don't be too harsh :) This is the first of 25 or 26 episodes, so there is more to come :)

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  • Kiamoko4334

    This is the preview for TPI: Island Cruise! It is my first video in the series, which will have its first episode on this YouTube channel by November 15th, 2012:

    Please check it out!

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  • Mango Dolphin

    Obviously from the summary, this is only for me, the contestants, and ExplosiveScolipede ONLY. This is where I will do my challenges(if possible) and recieve my challenges. If you have ignored the summary message, stop NOW or else!

    1. Skydive Challenge! We Pokemans shall fall down an area 1-8. The correct zone is the Safe Zone, where I fell down number 8 into the Safe Zone. I slapped my face and my parachute came out late, but it was worth it. Shinx evolved that day.

    Snow Castle Challenge! You shall make a snow castle with up to limited 10 items! I think I didn't go over the limit... See my wall to check out the palace I made!

    I will erase this if ExplosiveScolipede doesn't want it. This is in case I forget the challenges as well.

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  • ExplosiveScolipede

    Challenge 1-Skydiving (Choose number between 1-8. 4 of those numbers will land the contestants into the safe zone. Team with the most people in safe zone wins.) The Super Seismitoads lost with 6 points and The Daring Drapions won with 7. Chingling quit and Eevee got voted off.

    Challenge 2-Snow Castle (So apparently it snowed during the Summer. The contestants have to tell me stuff like the shape of their castle and the 10 or less items they have in their castle. Both teams are going to elimination. The person who has the best castle from each team gets to choose 2 other people on their team to be safe with them.) The winner for the Super Seismitoads was Tympole-shadowduck7 who chose Sentret and Sandshrew to be safe with him. The winner for …

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  • Ivanornels

    Episode 2

    Team Smeargle

    Votes for Nidoking: Plusle Minun Delcatty Wigglytuff Rapidash Beautifly Bellossom

    Votes for Beautifly: Nidoking Ambipom Crustle Beedrill Mothim

    47th place Nidoking

    Episode 3

    Team Farfetch'D

    Votes for Cherrim: Blissey Torterra Spoink Kirlia Vespiquen Zangoose Stunfisk Nidoqueen Jellicent

    Votes for Stunfisk: Cherrim Blastoise Gliscor

    46th place Cherrim

    Episode 4

    Team Luvdisc

    Votes for Mamoswine: Butterfree Jynx Poliwrath Dodrio Lickilicky Mandibuzz Oshawott Leafeon Flareon Pelipper Roselia

    Votes for Butterfree: Mamoswine

    45th place Mamoswine

    Team Smeargle

    Votes for Mothim: Delcatty Rapidash Bellossom Wigglytuff Plusle Minun

    Votes for Beedrill: Beautifly Mothim Crustle Ambipom

    Votes for Ambipom: Beedrill

    44th place Mothim

    Episode 5

    Team Lu…

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  • Ivanornels

    Team Luvdisc

    Votes for Munna: Mandibuzz Dodrio Jynx Pelipper Roselia Leafeon Flareon Butterfree

    Votes for Mandibuzz: Munna Poliwrath Oshawott Mamoswine Lickilicky

    50th place Munna

    Team Smeagle

    Votes for Mightyena: Beedrill Plusle Minun Beautifly Wigglytuff Bellossom Rapidash

    Votes for Beedrill: Nidoking Delcatty Mightyena Mothim Crustle Ambipom

    49th place Mightyena

    Team Farfetch'D

    Votes for Cinccino: Gliscor Zangoose Vespiquen Torterra Blissey Blastoise Spoink Kirlia Nidoqueen Cherrim

    Votes for Gliscor: Stunfisk Jellicent Cinccino

    48th place Cinccino

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  • Batking30

    I want some challenge ideas for a TPA. I might make one. Batking30

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  • Ivanornels

    Merry Christmas

    December 25, 2010 by Ivanornels

    Merry Christmas everbody!

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  • Ivanornels

    Season 2

    December 19, 2010 by Ivanornels

    I will begin season 2 next year, cuz right now I'm busy with other things like my camp and the camps I'm in. But I hope you check out the special, which tells you which contestants do and don't move on, along with episode titles of the first 5 episodes.

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  • NegativeNoah666


    September 11, 2010 by NegativeNoah666

    So is this wikia made so anyone can post anything about their TPI? Because if that's the case, we should make a page for all 493 pokemon, then let anyone add anything to any of their pages about them in their specific series, and stuff. Then for camps and stuff, we can put youtube usernames, such as myself, TheFieryCyndaquil, and make them articles of their own as well. By the way, I can probably get tons of people to join this wiki :P. Anyways, one more thing, I think I am going to make a page for my TPI, I don't have the vids on youtube anymore, but I think I still have the vids on my computer, so I can check elimination order and stuff. And it is a camp one, so I'd like make pages for all of the users who competed. Any objections to me …

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  • Ivanornels

    Hello. Vaporterra/ivanornels here. You know, I was thinking. Why don't we apply for a wikia spotlight? Well I'll tell you why not. Our wikia doesn't not meet the biggest requirement: There must be no less than 200 articles. We are about 22% there if I'm correct, but that's not enough. For those of you that do visit this site, I urge you all to make more articles, it could be on other total pokemon whatevers on youtube or character biographies. I suggest we make pages for every pokemon and then if that pokemon is in your show/article, you can make a section on that page about that pokemon's role in your show. I'll try to do my part, but this isn't gonna work just by myself. Let's do this!

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  • Ivanornels


    September 8, 2010 by Ivanornels

    hey welcome to this wiki. hopefully you become a regular visitor of this site and who knows we can chat and stuff, too.

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  • Ivanornels

    batking tpi

    August 12, 2010 by Ivanornels

    good work so far on your tpi

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  • Ivanornels


    June 29, 2010 by Ivanornels

    Dude what's up? Check the articles I made like Misdreavous525's TPTM and my read only Total pokemon island and send me feedback. Much appreciated dude.

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  • Ivanornels


    April 29, 2010 by Ivanornels

    Hey this place can be lonely at times so u wanna chat?

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  • Ivanornels


    April 23, 2010 by Ivanornels

    Sup please read the articles on me and msidreavous525. also feel free to talk to me sometime. I dont really have any friends here. Just doing thsi for the good of the readers

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