Blissey is a Normal pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves from Chansey via leveling up with maximum happiness.


Blissey was one of the orginial campers to come to the island. She evolved into Chnsey in episode 4 and during teams she was an assisst to Team Heracross and helped them win numerous of challenges. During the team stage, she found herself in a solid alliance with Turtwig, Magnemite, Scyther and Larvitar, however she also found herself in an alliance with Rapidash, Corsola, Bellossom, Leafeon Clamperl and Cherrim. When the merge hit, she made a solid alliance with Torterra, Bellossom, Corsola, Marcargo, and Clefable. During the merge she evolved into Blissey and won numerous of immunities. She won the Final 4 immunity giving her the opportunity to eliminate one of the three reminding contestants, she decided to eliminate Mightyena, to help her phyiscally and stragetically in the game. During the Final 3 she made Final 2 deals with both Delcatty and Rapidash and after Delcatty winning the final immunity, taking Blissey to the Final 2. In the Finale, Blissey beat Delcatty and become the winner of Total Pokemon Island and won the 1 Million Poke. She was offered a place in Total Pokemon Action which she took. She is currently in TPA.

Friends: Torterra, Scyther, Corsola, Clampearl, Nidoking, Magcargo, Gliscore, Mightyena, Delcatty, Clefable, Vespiquen, Spoink, Zangoose, Kirlia, Wigglytuff, Starmie.

Enemies: Electebuzz, Rapidash, Bellossom, Lickilicky, Leafeon.


TPI: 1st



Blissey was one of the original 30 players in season 1 as a Happiny and later a Chancey. She developed a relationship with Chimecho. She was a very sweet contestant and made friends with other people like Vespiquen, Nidoking, and Lanturn. She was later eliminated for being to likeable and a threat. Blissey did not qualify for season 2 but went on to host the TPA Aftermath with Chimecho. Her personality took a turn for the worst as she and Chimecho began to act stuck up, cruel, and snotty twoards many of the contestants/commentaters. She succesfully qualified for season 3 with Chimecho. She was the sixth person eliminated due to her snotty personality and for costing her team the challenge along with Chimeco. At the Tangrowth and Medicham airport sideshow Blissey revealed that she was only acting snotty in order to get attention from people. After this revelation she reverted back to her original sweet personality. She qualified for season 4 and is still currentaly in the competition.

Friends: Chimecho, Vespiquen, Nidoking, Clefable, Lantern, Flygon, Lunatone, Bellossom, Honchkrow, Ninetales, Mesprit, Wigglytuff, Medicham, Wailord, Luvdisc, Glaceon, Absol, Dugtrio.

Enemies: Purugly, Rampardos, Umbreon, Weavlie Mismagius


TPI: 13th


TPWT: 70th

TPL: TBA Based on: Nina Cortex (Crash Bandicoot)


Blissey was one of the original 26 Pokemon in his TPI. She started out as Happiny. Happiny was relatively normal, if a bit posessive of her things. She evolved into Chansey in episode 14. She is in love with Venusaur, although it is one-sided. She has a strong dislike and rivalry with Cherrim, mostly to do with Venusaur. In episode 19, Cherrim decides to get rid of her, and she nearly dies. She is voted off because Cherrim switches the votes against her, resulting in her departure. In TPA, she falls in love with Pinsir, and helps him face his many, many fears. She joined Bayleef/Vileplume's alliance. However, in episode 23, Pinsir told her that he had been using her all along, resulting in a violent breakup in which she throws an axe at his head and evolved into Blissey. As of Episode 23, she is still in the game.

Friends: Venusaur, Typhlosion, Lantern, Espeon, Dragonair, Cradily, Sealeo, Bayleef, Vileplume.

Enemies: Rampardos, Porygon Z, Linoone, Cherrim, Pinsir.


TPI: 15th



Blissey has only recently been used as a character in TPI. In S4, NickiNor2 went undercover as a Blissey under the username: Blisseyrock737. In S5, there are planned to be three Blisseys playing: Regular Blissey, Shiny Blissey, and Devil Blissey (a variation colored red and black) Devil Blissey was eliminated in episode 3 Shiny Blissey was eliminated in episode 11 only to return later than eliminated again Regular Blissey made it all the way to episode 26 where she was voted out.

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