Banette is a Ghost-type Pokémon. It is the evolved form of Shuppet.


Banette joined in the beggining of season 3, Total Pokemon the Musical/ Total Pokemon World Tour, as a new competitor. He was put on team Mawile. He had a crush on Mismagius. He was eliminated in Australia for whispering in Mismagius's ear during the challenge and Mismagius lost. Him and Mismagius were in the bottom 2 and no surprise Mismagius got the poffin case. Later on, in one of the aftermaths it was revealed he is dating Flareon. During the Pokemon Celebrity Manhunt Special it was said that Banette, Mothim, Marowak, and Phione all went for a road trip around Pokeearth. They were attacked by fans and lost parts of their RV to the point where they couldn't get the car moving. After calling for help and returning to their trailer it was gone. They were stuck in Arizona for 4 months, but made it back to the awards.

Banettte starred in season 4, Total Pokemon Live, along with most of the cast of TPWT/TPTM. He was put on team Scizor. Banette wanted to cheer Mismagius up after Luxray forgot about a holiday important to her, and Mismagius jumped the gun and kissed Banette, and once Luxray saw it, Mismagius pretended .like Banette kissed her to save her own butt, and once word got out to the rest of the cast, Banette was history. Banette was booted easily and sent packing while crying. Because of him and Mismagius's kiss Luxray, Mismagius, him, Flareon, and Reinculus(Rankurusu) got hurt. In the 5th Aftermath Show herevealed that he saved Mismagius when she was a Misdreavus from bullies that were about to kill her. Mismagius then thinks she loves him but doesn't and everyone stopped calling her a "slut".