Bagon is a Dragon-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Shelgon at level 30.


Bagon debuted in Total Pokemon Action. Bagon was a brat and the closest thing he had for a friend was Camerupt, who took up the role of being Bagon's mom for the competition. In Episode 9, Bagon didn't do so well in the challenge and ended up in the bottom 2 with Camerupt, only to be voted off for proving to be more of a liability than Camerupt.


Bagon is the Russell Hantz of the group and proved to be quite arrogant from the beginning of the game. Obviously that didn't do him any good and he, along with Finneon, got voted off in Episode 1 due to a double elimination. It appears that Ponyta may be his only friend because she was the only one to express some sort of concern of Bagon's elimination. However, he seems to be good firneds with Finneon as both of them see themselves as strong players. Bagon qualified for TPA.

Bagon told Finneon that they would talk less and act mroe in TPA. Bagon finished in 11th in the Shake It up challenge out of the returning guys and was put on Team National Park. In Episode 2, Bagon made alliances with both Chimecho and Yanmega, and evolved into Shelgon afte rbeating Chimecho in a battle. Trivia

-Bagon tend to usually get eliminated pre merge in the Total Pokemon World unless they evolve

-There has yet to be a protagonistic Bagon as they tend to be villains or anti heroes