Azurill is a Normal pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Marill trough happiness.


Azurill was one of the original 30 campers of this series and was the Beth of the group. She alligned with Glameow and Poliwag and later evolved into Marill.


Azurill hatched from an egg in season 1 and became the daughter of Smoochum and Wartortle. Azurill came in 3rd place in season 1, thanks to Makuhita throwing the game in the final 4. In season 2, Azurill evolved into Marill post Warortle's 1st elimination.


Azurill was the Lindsay of the cast, so she never was a strategic threat. She was a kind person who did her best in the challenges. Azurill evolved into Marill in Episode 13 (The Pokemon Triathelon) due to being very happy about Spoink's elimination.


Azurill is the evil demented Pokemon of the cast. She has no feelings except hatred. Absol becomes her Minion in an attempt to Woo Azurill

Name: Azurill
Place: TPI: TBA