aiden1127's tpi is a thing aiden will work on ″it stinks.....................i love it″ aiden11271




episode 1 the crud beginsEdit

blastoise:yo i'm blastoise here we are in camp granbilly and here is ♀pikachu

pikachu:i'm a guy

blastoise:and here is jigglypuff riolu and mareep

all:i'm winning it

blastoise:and here is charmender,cubone,gastly,porygon,lickitung,cyndaquil,chickorita,magby,treecko, wailmer,baltoy♀,spheal,piplup munchlax,snivy,tepig,axew,pancham,froakie,rattata,smeargle and misdreavus

rest coming soon

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