Abra is a Psychic pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Kadabra at level 16. It is known for only learning Teleport via level up.

DarkclawUmbreon's Total Pokemon series

Abra was one of the contestants in the show. Abra chose not to evolve since she was a girl and didn't want to have a mustache. She was 4th place in Season 1, and was 15th place in Season 2.


Abra is the Candice of the cast, so she prefers to be quiet and is a bit self concious. She developed feelings for James, which is ironic considering Candice and James were never the best of friends in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and became close friends with Marill. Abra was voted off in Episode 13 for being physically weak and very quiet. Although she tried to evolve into Kadabra, she didn't get to in season 1, but may be able to during the special or in season 2, since she did qualify for TPA.

In Episode 1 of TPA, Abra is happy since she's in this season together with Scizor and doesn't like how Slugma shurgged off Scizor's advice. Abra finished 11th in the Shake It Up challenge out of the returning girls and was put on Team National Park. In Episode 2, Abra didn't do much other than cheer for Froslass during the pingpong tourney, which she eventually won. In Episode 3, in the random dancing part of the iCarly challenge, Abra evolved into Kadabra, but ended up losing to Magcargo. Kadabra was barely saved at the Gold Medal Ceremony due to Shieldon being a bigger contributer to the loss than Kadabra.

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