Total Pokemon World Tour Edit

This Is Just A Read Only Show Featuring 25 Tourists Traveling Around The World.

The Cast Edit

Host:Empoleon Chef:Dusknoir



Turtwig Swinub Totodile Snivy Tyrogue Pidgey Chimchar Rhyhorn Cyndaquil Sandile Pichu Oshawott Scraggy


Munna Minccino Shiny Chimchar Sewaddle Zorua Togepi Happiny Pidove Misdreavus Venonat Purrloin Clamperl

Episode 1 Edit

The Episode Starts With Empoleon Introducing Everyone, Then After Everyone Is Introduced They Go Into Confessionals And Purrloin Talks About How She Plans To Rule The Game.Empoleon Tells Them That They Will Be Traveling Round The World,Pichu Remarks That Since He Is Super Intelligent He Will Know Alot About All The Countries They Go To.Tyrogue Tells Him His Cockyness Wont Get Him Anywhere But Pichu Doesnt Listen.In The Confessional Tyrogue Is Talking About Pichu And How He Wont Get That Far In The Game If He Keeps Being Cocky Next Is Pichu Saying He Doesnt Help From Neanderthals Like Him Next In The Confessional Is Pidove Stating That Tyrogue Is Right About Pichu And She Says She Thinks Pidgey Is Cute.Back With Empoleon And He Introduces Chef Dusknoir Who Is Also The Pilot And Rhyhorn Asks Whos Flying The Plane, Suddenly The Plane Starts To Go Down And Crashes When Everyone Is Out Empoleon Says Egypt Was The Original Destination But There In Mexico So That Will Have To Do.

He Tells Them The Challenge Will Be A Giant Taco Race Everyone Gets There Own Taco And They Race Down A Hill The First 5 To Finish Are Team Captains.When The Challenge Starts Misdreavus Uses Psychic On Everyone To Stop Them From Starting So She Had A Advantage.While Tyrogue Is Riding Down Pichu Knocks Him off His Taco So He Is Out Of The Running For Being a Captain. In The Confessional Tyrogue Is Completly Cursing Pichu Off.

When The Challenge Finshes The Captains Are;Scraggy,Misdreavus,Pichu,Clamperl And Chimchar. Next They Have To Pick Members Scraggy Picks Munna,Minccino,Snivy And Sandile They Are Team Tough Because Scraggy Chose The Name. Misdreavus Picks Purrloin,Venonat,Pidove And Cyndaquil Misdreavus Picks The Name They Are Team Sinister. Pichu Chooses Oshawott,Rhyhorn,Happiny And Togepi They Are Team Brain Thanks To Pichu.In The Confessional Oshawott Is Angry He Is On Pichus Team.Clamperl Picks Sewaddle,Zorua,Turtwig And Swinub They Are Team Sweet Thanks To Clamperl.And Chimchar Has Totodile,Pidgey,Tyrogue And Shiny Chimchar They Are Team Eruption.In The Confessional Shiny Chimchar Is Complaining She Is On A Team Of Guys But She Thinks Chimchar Is Cute.

File:64183 04.jpg

Dusknoir Expains The Next Part Of The Challenge Is To eat A Pack Of Spicy Doritos And The Team Thats Stays On Longest Wins Immmunity And They Pick Another Team To Be Safe Then That Teams Picks Another To Be Safe Then They Pick Who Votes Off.The Challenge Starts And Turtwig,Swinub,Snivy,Venonat And Sewaddle Leave Straight Away.After A While Peoples Mouths Start To Burn So Minccino,Pidove,Happiny,Togepi And Pidgey Leave. So The Teams Stand At Team Tough: Scraggy,Munna And Sandile Team Sinister:Misdreavus,Purrloin And Cyndaquil Team Brain:Pichu,Rhyhorn And Oshawott Team Sweet: Clamperl And Zorua Team Eruption Chimchar,Totodile,Tyrogue And Shiny Chimchar.

After Another Hour Munna,Sandile,Misdreavus,Purrloin,Rhyhorn And Zorua Leave. Misdreavus Is Mad That Her Team Is Losing And She Goes To Sabotage All The Other Teams. While She Is The Bell Goes And Empoleon Says That Its Time To Sing.Shiny Chimchar Starts To Sing First With Firework-Katy Perry And After A Minute Everyone Else Joins In And After It Empoleon Says That The Song Was Amazing. So The Challenge Continues And Misdreavus gets Rid Of Everyone Except Cyndaquil. So Team Sinister Win After Discussing They Decide They Want Team Eruption Second They Pick Team Tough As Third They Pick Team Sweet To Be Safe And Team Brain To Go To The Elimination Room.

In The Confessional Pichu Says That He Is Voting Rhyhorn Off Because He Is A Complete Muscle Head, Rhyhorn Is Next And He Votes Pichu Out Saying That He Is To Cocky For The Game.At The Elimination Empoleon Reveals The Votes And Happiny And Togepi Have 0 Votes Then Oshawott Has None Aswell And The Last One Safe Is Rhyhorn With 1 Vote So Pichu is Voted Off With 4 Votes.The Episode Ends With Empoleon Signing Off.

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