Basic Summary Edit

This Show is 28o6`s Read Only Total Pokemon Cruise. It's basically Like Total Drama World Tour where they travel around the world but this time they don't sing.

Characters Edit

  • Host: Absol (Male)
  • Chef: Torterra (Male)


  • Shinx (Male) (Personality: Trent's And Owen's)
  • Drifloon (Female) (Personality: Farm Girl)

Shiny Grimer-Male-Ezekiel And Noah



Caterpie-Female-Shy Girl

Totodile-Male-Weirdo Who Likes Eating Flesh

Corsola-Female-Bridgette But Has A Evil Side



Plusle-Male-Shiny Minun`s Brother


Tepig-Male-Fat Guy But Serious About Competion

Chillarmy-Female-Nice Sweet Girl



Voltorb-Male-Obsessed With Blowing Up


Shiny Koffing-Male-The Stinky Guy

Shiny Minun-Female-Plusle`s Sister


Eevee-Female-Strategic Player


Tangela-Female-The Girl Whos Easy To Fool

Episodes Edit

Were Going Down Down Down Down Down Down AHHHHHHHHHHHH Edit

Absol:Hello And Welcome To Total Pokemon Cruise Were We Invite 24 Tourists Traveling Around The World And Competing In Challenges So First Lets Introduce Are Chef Torterra

Torterra: Whatever I Have To Go Cook For These Morons So Just Introduce Them So I Can Give Them There Lunch

Absol: Fine Whatever Lets Introduce Are First Tourist Shinx

Shinx: Oh Hey Absol Why Are We On A Dock

Absol: Because In A Moment Are Ship Will Be Arriving And We Travel On That For The Season

Shinx: Oh I`ll Go Get On The Boat Now

Absol: Whatever So Next Heres Drifloon

Drifloon: Oh Howdy Absol Do You Want Me To Round Up The Torchic For You

Absol: Get Lost You Weirdo Next Here Is Shiny Grimer

Shiny Grimer: Oh Hello Life Form Commonly Known As Absol

Absol: Your To Smart Go Away Anyway Here Is Stunky

Stunky: You Mean Were Staying Here

Absol: No Your Staying Here I Get A Luxuray Cruise Around The World For Free Now Get Lost So Next Person Is Abra

Abra: Why Hello Absol

Absol: Yeahhh Go!!!!!! Here Is Caterpie

Caterpie: Oh Erm Hello Erm How Are You

Absol: Stalker Go Away Here Is Totodile

Totodile: TOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absol: Free Flesh On The Boat

Totodile: FOOD!!!!!!!!

Absol: Yeahhhh Whatever Anyway Here Is Corsola

Corsola: Oh Hey Everyone

Absol: Whatever Go To Hell Next here is Cyndaquil

Cyndaquil: Hello Everyone Nice To Be Here

Absol: So Next Is Torchic

Torchic: Whatever I`m Gonna Win This Game

Absol: Yeah Right Of Course You Are Next Is Plusle And Shiny Minun

Plusle: Whatever We Hate Each Other She Is So Annoying

Shiny Minun: Me Your The Annoying One

*Walk Off Argueing*

Absol: Well Then Next here Is Skitty And Tepig

Skitty: Omg Hi Everyone

Tepig: FOOOOD Wait Gotta Get Food Off My Mind In The Competion Now Got To Win

Absol: Freaks So Next Are Chillarmy And Yabukuron

Chillarmy: Hello Everyone Nice To Be Here

Yabukuron: Hello Everyone I May Stink But I Hope We Get To Know Eachother

Absol: SO next Is Buenary And Voltorb

Buenary: Like Anyone Wanna Sleep With Me

Voltorb: Got To EXPLODE!!!!!!!!

Absol: Slut And Freak Now Go Oh here Is Sentret And Shiny Koffing

Sentret: Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb

Shiny Koffing: HEY GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absol: Bomber And Guy That Stinks Leave My presence Now here is Cranidos And Eevee

Cranidos: Why hello Ladies

Eevee: Hey Everyone Cool To be Here

Absol: Erm Ok Now Are Final 2 Competitors Eevee And Tangela

Eevee: Hey Everyone Cool To Be Here

Eevee(F): Thats What I Just Said

Eevee: Shut Up

Tangela: Hi everyone People Say i`m Easy To Trick But I`m Not

Absol: Of Course You Arent So Now We Have Are 24 Tourists I Can Show You The Confessional


Absol: This Is The Confessinal You Can COme In Here And Tell The Public What You Think Of Everyone Instead Of Saying It To There face

Buenary: Seriously This Is The Competion This Is Going To Be So Easy

Cranidos: Well I Knew I Was Gonna WIn But Not This Easily

Stunky: Well This Season Looks Pretty Easy To Me I Am Obviously Going To Win

Drifloon: I Saw A Torchic Outside So I Thought It Got Loose So I Tryed To Catch But When I Did It Called Me A Stupid ***** And That I SHould Go Die Somewhere I Dont Like Her Much

Torchic: That Stupid ***** Drifloon She Thought I Was A Farm Torchic She Is SO Going Down When I Evolve I Will Kick A Her Body-Face In

Back To Normal

Absol: So Everyone Today We Are Going To Have Are First Challenge Which Is Based In Lapland Since It Is Nearly Christmas We And When I Say We I mean You Have To Find The Christmas Jynx So Good Luck With That Wait First We have To Out You Into Teams Which Are team Epic Destiny And Team Unova SO Lets Spilt You Into Teams

Team Epic Destiny



Shiny Koffing

Shiny Minun





Shiny Grimer




Team Unova



Eevee (M)



Eevee (F)







With Buenary

Buenary: Ok Team So Who Ever Stays Is Going To Be On My Alliance

Cranidos: If You Want To Be In My Alliance Come Outside

Stunky: And For My Alliance We Will Gather In The Dining Room

With Buenarys Alliance

Buenary: Ok So we Have Me Cyndaquil And Both Eevees Ok I Can Work With That


Buenary: I Needed To Make An Alliance To Stay In The Game But I Guess There Ok Cyndaquil Is Nice I Can Easily Manipulate Him And The Argueing Morons Well They Will Obviously Form A Couple Soon SO When They Do It Will Be Easier To Get Them Out

Cyndaquil: I Joined That Alliance Because I Was Scared Something Might Happen If I Didnt

Eevee (M): Well I Needed A Alliance SO You Know And I Guess The Eevee Isnt To Bad She Is Kinda Hot Actually

Eevee (F): I Think The Other Eevee Is Kinda Cute

Back To Normal

Cranidos: Ok So There Is Me Shinx Caterpie Tangela And Plusle


Cranidos: What Morons I Dont need Them But WIth A 5 Person Alliance I Obviously Have The Biggest Alliance But I Dont Care About That First Target Tangela

Back To Normal

Stunky: So Wow We Have Me Totodile And Corsola Amazing Alliance


Stunky: Seriously The Retard And The Person WHo Chooses To be Evil Sometimes I Mean I`m Evil All The Time This Is Not Going To Go Good

Totodile: TOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me And Stunky And Corsola Have A Alliance We Are Going To Use My Flesh Eating Ability To Win

Corsola: Serisosly Stunky Why Did I Choose Her Alliance I Mean I Am A Nice Girl 50% Of The Time So I Will Destroy Her In This Game

Back To Normal

With Team Epic Destiny

Torchic: If You Want To Be In My Alliance Stay Here

Chillarmy: If You Want To be In My Alliance Go Outside

Tepig: And My Allaince In The Dining Room

With Torchic

Torchic: SO This Is My Alliance Skitty SHiny Koffing And Shiny Minun And Wait Drifloon Get Out Of Here I Dont Want You Here

Drifloon: Whatever I Cant Wait Til You Go Home


Torchic: Sure It Is ANother Vote To Control But No Way I Am Not Being In The Same Alliance As That Floating Moron

Drifloon: How Dare She I Am SO Gonna Catch Then Were Gonna Cook Her Up Dont Yall Agree

Skitty: I Needed A Allaince And I Am Not The SMartest Of People But SInce I Am Pretty i Think I Am GOing To Win

Shiny Koffing: My Dad Is Always Saying Son With A Stench Like That You Will Never make It ANywhere In Life Well Look Where I Am Now

Shiny Minun: I Needed A Alliance To Oppose My Brothers Alliance

Back To Normal

Chillarmy: Ok SO We Have Me Drifloon Abra Voltorb And Yabukuron Thats Cool 5 People


Chillarmy: Well Drifloon Isnt That Smart But Abra is Super Intelligent Which is A Good Thing Voltorb Is A Bit Stupid Then There Is Yabukuron He Is A Nice Guy And Also Have You Seen That cranidos I Mean WOW !!!! He Is Hot But He Is On A Diffrent Team Have To Concentrate

Abra: Well I Figured I Needed A Alliance Because Since I Am So Smart I Will Probably Be A Threat So It Was In The Best Choice

Voltorb: 3......2.......1....... EXPLOSION Lol Jut Joking Anyway I Wanted A Alliance And Chillarmy Is Cute

Yabukuron: I am So Happy I Have A Alliance Now I Mean I Wouldnt Of Made It That Far Because I Am A Really Nice Person

Back To Normal

Tepig: SO Alliace We Have Me Sentret And Shiny Grimer Thats Cool


Tepig: Well I Guess It Isnt To Bad But Sentret The Psycho Bomber And The SHiny Koffing The One That Stinks

Sentret: BOMBS!!!!!!!!!!! Me And Totodile Are Good Friends Since Were Both Insane


Back To Normal

Absol: Ok Tourists We Have Ported At Lapland So You All Know The Challenge Find A CHristmas Jynx The First Team To Find Three Of Them Win If Teams Draw Then We Go To The Tiebreaker

With Team Epic Destiny

Torchic: Ok Team So I Thought Since There Are Three Alliances In The Team We Might Aswell Split Up Into Those Alliances And Each group Finds A Jynx Good Idea Thanks Lets Go

With Team Unova

Buenary: Ok So Team Lets Split Up In Are Alliances And Search For The Jynx

Stunky: Isnt That What The Other Team Is Doing

Beunary: SHut Up And Go

With Torchics Alliance

Torchic: Ok Lets Try Over Here

Skitty: OMG Look A Make Up Kit Be Back In A Minute

With Cranidos`s Alliance

Cranidos: Hey Is That Skitty Be Back In A Minute Guys

SKitty: Oh Hello Cranidos

Cranidos: Hello Skitty You Look Very Beautiful Even Without That Make Up On

SKitty: Well Thanks You Look Really Cute Too


Skitty: Cranidos Is Such A Nice Person I Really Like Him I Think He Might Like Me To

Cranidos: wow ciò che un idiota che è sì così stupido avrebbe potuto essere bella, ma dio come spesso si può ottenere questo gioco sarà così facile. (Search It In Google Translate It Italian)

Torchic: Camera Man Do You Know Where Skitty What Do You mean No Check The Cmaeras Then Well Here Is Something For You Tell me Where She Is And I Will Let Your Family Out Of Hostage She Is With Cranidos I Will Destroy Her!!!!!!

Back To normal

Torchic: So This Is Where Your Hiding

SKitty: Crap

Cranidos: Oh no questo isnt sarà bene ascoltare la tua donna sia stupida puttana grassa brutta perchè non sia morto da qualche parte allora posso vincere il gioco, mentre voi sono morti da qualche parte.

Torchic: I Can Speak Italian You B******

Cranidos: Try This Then Ho poteri male so Darkrai lui può uscire questa competizione, ma ascolta il mio piano è quello di ottenere le ragazze e la mia i primi due obiettivi sono skitty e Tangela quindi stai zitta e mi aiuta a uscire.

Torchic: Excellent Plan Hey Skitty Ember

*Skitty Gets Knocked Out*

Absol: EVERYONE COME BACK While All The Drama Has Been Going On Shinx Won For His Team Finding All Three Of The Jynx So Team Epic Destiny Meet me At The Elimination Dock And vote Your Favourite Loser Off The Show

At The ELimination

Absol: SO Everyone Here Golden Magikarps Represent Life So Lets FInd Out Who Is Safe

'Drifloon,'Shiny Koffing,'Shiny Minun,'Abra,'Voltorb,'Yabukuron,'Shiny Grimer,'Sentret,'Chillarmy And 2nd To Last 'Tepig SO This Leaves Skitty And Torchic You btoh Did Nothing In The challenge But The LAst One Safe Is............................. Torchic SOrry SKitty Your Out Please Walk Down The Dock Of Shame And Catch The Submarine Of Losers'

SKitty: Well Bye Everyone I Hope Torchic Dies Soon

Sparks Die Edit

Absol: Last Time On Total Pokemon Cruise The Teams Were Formed And Alliances Were Made Torchic And Cranidos Made A Evil Plan To Rule The Game And They Sabotaged Skitty And She Was first Out So Who Is Going Today Whos Gonna Evolve Who Is Going Home Find Out Here.

With Shinx

Shinx: Hey Chillarmy Whats Up?

Chillarmy: Nothing I Just Lost My Lucky Bracelet

Shinx: Really I Saw Cranidos With A Bracelet Earlier He Must Of Found It Lets Go

Chillarmy: Wait First This *Kisses Shinx*

Luxio: Cool I Evolved

Chillaccino: Yeah Me Two Well Lets Go Get My Bracelet

With Cranidos

Luxio: Hey Cranidos Have You Seen Chillaccino`s Bracelet

Cranidos: yeah I Have I Stole It Then Destroyed It

Chillaccino: But Why Were Just Going To Tell The team About You

Cranidos: Actually No Your Not Because I Know You Go Out So I Can Tell The Team And Get You Out So Leave NOW!!!!!!!

With Absol

Absol: Good Morning Toruists As You Can See Skitty Was Voted Off Last Night And Today We Are Going To America For A Music Challenge When We Get There I Will Explain More About It


Chillaccino: Well My Bracelet It Gone SO Thats Bad But I Used To Like Cranidos But Now I Know He Is Evil I Want Him To Leave So Much

Luxio: Well Cranidos Is Evil So We Have To Get Him Out Soon

Sentret: Me And Totodile Go Out Now But we Didnt Evolve For Some Reason

Torchic: Me And Cranidos Have Been Talking About A Plan For Today And We Have Deciced To Sabotage Luxio And Chillaccino He Has Done His Part Now I Need To Do My Part

Back To Normal

Absol: Tourists We Have Arrived Here At America Are Challenge Is We Are Going To Listen To Some Music That Has Been Edited And You Have To Guess What Music It Is 3 People From Each Team Will Compete So Go CHoose Them.

Team Epic Destiny

Torchic: Ok people Going Are Me Chillaccino And Shiny Grimer

Chillaccino: Why Me

Torchic: Because I Said So And Your Going To DO It So You better Do Good Or Your Going

Team Unova

Luxio: In The Challenge Will Be Me Plusle And Tangela

At Challenge

Absol: Ok Here Is Track 1 *Starts To Play* *Chillaccino Buzzes In* Ok Chillaccino

Chillaccino: It is Kissin U By Miranda Cosgrove

Torchic: Wow Chillaccino Remind You Of ANything Like How You Kissed Luxio And Now You Date

Abra: Chillaccino I Cant Believe You Would Betray Are Team Like That Your So Out If We Lose

The Game Continues After 10 Rounds The Teams Are Even And Its A Quickfire Round Between Torchic And Plusle With Plusle Losing The Challenge Meaning Team Epic Destiny Win And The Others Lose.

At The Elimination The Bottom 2 Are Luxio And Plusle But Luxio Is Voted off For Dating Chillaccino

Smell Of The Ship Edit

Absol: Last Time On Total Pokemon Cruise Chillaccino And Luxio Started To Date WHich Made Torchic`s And Cranidos`s Plot A Lot Easier To Succeed So We Went To Amreica And Had A Tune Warp Competion And Team Epic Destiny Won And At The ELimination Ceremony The Bottom 2 Were Luxio And Plusle But Plusle Got The Last Award SO Luxio Was The Second Out Of The Show Whos Going Home Tonight Whos Gonna Die And Where Are We Going Today Find Out On Total Pokemon CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With beunarys Alliance

Buneary: Ok Guys So We Still Have Are Original 4 People

Cyndaquil:So Who Do You Want Us To Try To Get Next Buenary

Eevee (M): I Think it Should Be Either Totodile Or Chillaccino I Mean Totodile Is So Annoying And Cant Do Anything Right And Chillaccino Betrayed The Other Team With Luxio So We Could Sabotage Her By Convincing The Other team To Get Her Out

Eevee (F): Thats A Great Plan Eevee Your Really Smart

Eevee (M): Thanks Eevee Your Really Hot I mean Erm Smart To

Eevee (F): Kiss Me *They Kiss*

Jolteon: Cool I`m A Jolteon Now

Espeon: And I`m A Espeon

Buenary: Whatever


Buenary: Well There You Have Espeon And Jolteon date Now This Is Great So I Have To Sabotage One of Them Soon But Jolteon`s Plan Was Great It Could Be Very Useful

Cyndaquil: Well I`m A Nice Person But Buenary Threatened Me Espeon And Jolteon Off Screen That If We Werent Evil Enough She Would Get Us Out

Espeon: Well Me And My Jolteon Are Glad To Still Be In We Plan To Get Buenary Out Soon

Jolteon: Totally Babe

With Cranidos`s Alliance

Cranidos: Ok Beautiful Ladies And Plusle Who Should Are Next Targets Be

Plusle: Well After My Bottom 2 Appearence Last Night We Need To Watch My back But I Think We Need To get Corsola Out I mean She Has A Evil Side But She trys Not To Show It So We Dont Vote her Off But I Think SHe Should Go

Tangela: Well We Could Try To Get Torchic Out By....

Cranidos: NO!!!!!!!!!

Caterpie: Why Not Cranidos She Is really Mean

Cranidos: Erm Erm Exactly If We Keep Her Longer Then It Will Be Easier To Get People To Vote Her Out

Tangela: I Suppose

Cranidos: Its Ok Tangela You Are Still Very beautiful

Tangela: Thx So Much


Plusle: Well My Alliance Is Cool We All get On But I feel Sometimes Cranidos Has Some Plans With Torchic I Might Need To Do Some Secret Investigating

Tangela: Cranidos Is So Nice He Thinks i`m Beautiful I Might Ask Him Out Later

Caterpie: Cranidos Is So Suspicious I Will Need To Further Investigate Me And Plusle Have A Plan Set Out We Are Going Sneakily Follow Cranidos And See What he Says To Torchic

Cranidos: That Was Close I Will have To Watch My Back From Now On

With Stunkys Alliance

Stunky: Ok Guys So 3 people Is Good So Who Should We Target Next

Corsola: I Think Cyndaquil I Dont Know He Just seems To Nice Its Freaky

Totodile: I Think Buenary She Is A Slut


Stunky: They Are SO Annoying

Corsola: Well Cyndaquil Should Go Soon

Totodile: FLESH!!!!!!!!!

With Torchics Alliance

Torchic: Ok Alliance Who Should We Target Next

Shiny Koffing: I Think Torchic She Is A Bitch

Shiny Minun: Torchic Is In The Alliance You Moron

Torchic: Yeah Shiny Koffing Your Going Home Tonight

With Chillaccinos Alliance

Chillaccino: Oh Luxio

Abra: No Offence Chillaccino But Get Over It He Was On Another Team And Anyway Where Is Yabukuron

Drifloon: Oh he Told Me Was Going To Check For More English Names But I Forgot To Tell You

voltorb: Shocker

Yabukuron: Guys I All The Names But There Not Completly Confirmed But They Suspected To Be 100% I`m Now Trubbish What A Great name isnt It And Chillaccino Your Now Cinccino

Cinccino: What A Sucky Name

With Tepigs Alliance

Tepig: So Guys Theres Still 3 of Us Which Is Good

SHiny Grimer: Totally

Sentret: Yeah We Rule

With Absol

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