Host: Bisharp

Co-Host: Hariyama

Team Dialga

Ivysaur (M) - The Leader

Eevee (F) - The Tomboy

Gogoat (M) - The Track Nerd

Houndour (M) - The Bad Boy

Magby (M) - The TV Junkie

Mareep (F) - The Strategist

Murkrow (M) - The Crow

Dewott (M) - The Charming Brit

Purrloin (F) - The Antagonist

Quilava (F) - The Lesbian

Tyrogue (M) - The Fighter

Team Palkia

Beautifly (F) - The Weakling

Duskull (M) - The Friendly Ghost

Froslass (F) - The Scaredy Cat

Grovyle (M) - The Party Guy

Masquerain (F) - The Normal One

Misdreavus (F) - The Shy One

Staravia (M) - The Musician

Totodile (M) - The Insane One

Vulpix (F) - The Cheerleader

Elimination Order

37th Piplup (F) - The Bossy One (Kept bossing her teammates around and acted like a dictator.)

36th Combee (F) - The Daddy's Girl (Didn't help in the challenge at all. Lazy.)

35th Porygon (M) - The Supercomputer (Was sabotaged by Purrloin, causing him to go haywire.)

34th Hoppip (F) - The Bomb-Obsessed One (Set off a giant bomb, destroying the challenge.)

(Skiddo & Fletchling Debut)

33rd Scyther (M) - The Juvenile Delinquent (Purrloin blackmailed him so she wouldn't tell anyone that he's a brony.)

32nd Vulpix (F) - The Cheerleader (Quit to save Torchic, but discovered it was all for nothing.)

31st Corphish (M) - The Daredevil (Couldn't face his fear of Lillipups.)

30th Murkrow (M) - The Crow (Sabotaged by Houndour.)

29th Delcatty (F) - The Dumb One (Eliminated because of her stupidity.)

28th Fletchinder (F) - The Date-Stealer (Disqualified for cheating to win immunity.)

(Murkrow, Scyther, & Vulpix Rejoin)

27th Lickitung (M) - The One Who Likes To Eat (Cost his team the challenge, plus was very stupid.)

26th Combusken (M) - The Strong One (Got crushed by a boulder to save Vulpix. Was removed due to injuries.)

25th Roselia (F) - The Carefree Spirit (Was given truth serum by Purrloin, gave away numerous secrets of teammates.)

24th Ralts (F) - The Genius (Sabotaged by Purrloin.)

23rd Scyther (M) - The Juvenile Delinquent (Again) (Purrloin used an immunity idol, causing only her vote to count.)

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