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16MaxR's TPI has Flygon as the host & Sharpedo as the chef.But later on Flygon was fired & replaced by Heracross but he got his job back at the merge.26 contestants had the chance to win $500,000.In the end it came down to Crawdaunt & Lopunny & Crawdaunt took home the $500,000.& 16 lucky contestants got to be in TPA.



Elimination OrderEdit

29th: Kricketot (Flygon randomly picked someone to leave-Ep 1)

28th: Whismur (Failed challenge-Ep 2)

27th: Torchic (Didn't jump off cliff-Ep 3)

26th: Azurill (Was a mess due to Kricketot's elimination-Ep 4)

25th: Hoppip (Girafarig sabotaged her-Ep 5)TPA

24th: Gulpin (Failed challenge and was pervert-Ep 6)

23rd: Spoink (Quit out of guilt for hurting Corphish-Ep 7)TPA

Torchic,Loudred,& Marill return

22nd: Bayleef (Failed challenge-Ep 8)TPA

21st: Lickitung (Failed challenge-Ep 9)TPA

20th: Ambipom (Failed challenge-Ep 10)

19th: Girafarig (Disappeared with Hippopotas during challenge-Ep 11)

18th: Chinchou (Finneon sabotaged her-Ep 12)TPA

17th: Combusken (Pushed Lopunny into lake-Ep 13)

16th: Hippopotas (Cheated with help of Grass Spirits-Ep 14)

Natu & Poochyena join

15th: Porygon-Z (Stole team's egg-Ep 15)TPA

14th: Cacnea (Lost fight with murderer-Ep 16)

13th: Sudowoodo (Poochyena sabotaged her/Got animal last-Ep 17)TPA

12th: Exploud (Got entire alliance covered in paint-Ep 18)TPA

11th: Yanmega (Didn't face fear-Ep 19)

10th: Magmar (Poochyena and Finneon sabotaged him/Didn't get key-Ep 20)TPA

9th: Xatu (Ruined the breakfast portion of the challenge-Ep 21)TPA

8th: Mudkip (Mightyena kissed her-Ep 22)TPA

7th: Finneon (Murkrow sabotaged her-Ep 23)TPA

6th: Honchkrow (The others had to choose between him or Pupitar-Ep 24)TPA

5th: Pupitar (Xatu voted him out so that Mudkip would be happy-Ep 25)TPA

4th: Mightyena (Crawdaunt,Lopunny,& Azumarill ganged up on him-Ep 26)TPA

3rd: Azumarill (Crawdaunt had to choose between her or Lopunny-Ep 27)

Runner-Up: Lopunny (Let Crawdaunt win for saving her life 4 times-Ep 28)

Winner: Crawdaunt (Lopunny let him win for saving her life 4 times-Ep 28)TPA

Everyone not in TPA (Flygon chose 16 contestants to move on to TPA while the other 10 didn't-Ep 29)